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Ya Girl eL

RawThor- Rap Author



Richmond, VA

A Bit About Me

Ya Girl eL grew up in Richmond, Virginia where she was surrounded by music at home, school, and and in church. She participated in choir at church and school, sang songs at home and even began early songwriting when she rewrote "Roses are Red" in just Kindergarten. The young artist took to journaling to help gather her emotions and combine her songwriting skills releasing her emotions through the creation of her unique style in music. Ya Girl eL delivers messages "raw" and unfiltered and can be more so thought of as a "Raw-Thor"( Rapping Author). 

Currently, the rising star in the music industry, has released her latest single "Work Me Out" produced by Legion Beats - a sexy and healing song. The song is a fun and upbeat track that celebrates sexuality and encourages listeners to embrace their sexual experiences.

The artist, who has experienced sexual trauma in her life, has intentionally crafted the lyrics and message of the song to be both sexy and healing. "Work Me Out" is about learning to embrace sexuality and enjoy the experience, while also being present and grounded in the moment.

Ya Girl eL uses a technique called grounding, which involves naming things that your senses are experiencing in that moment, to help get out of your head and enjoy the experience. This technique has helped her deal with anxiety and has also been a part of her healing process from sexual trauma.

"Work Me Out" is a great song for dancing and having fun sexual experiences with your partner. The lyrics are intentional and the message is powerful, making it a must-listen for anyone who wants to embrace their sexuality and heal from past trauma. Ya Girl eL is excited to share her new single with the world and hopes to encourage this and future generations.

Recent Stage Performances

Asian Doll "Let's Do A Drill" Tour
Richmond, VA

Loud Müzik presents Loud Fest Katy, TX

Opening act for Asian Doll's "Let's Do A Drill" Tour. 2022 VSU and VUU Homecoming weekend at MainStage RVA.

Live performance at the #1 indie artist music festival in the country. Sponsored by Loud Muzik, 97.9 The Box, Boost Mobile, Minute Maid and more. Performances included from Lil Flip, Z-Ro and more.

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